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4iThumbs Tactile iPhone Keyboard Review–Simple And Spectacularly Effective

“The 4iThumbs tactile keyboard for the iPhone may look simple but it’s anything but. In all honesty, what it does is nothing short of spectacular. Touching keys on a touchscreen is a hit or miss proposition at best; you may get it, you may not. But with this, you’re going to get it.

This thin slip of plastic with a few raised nodules is going to make serious changes in the way you use your iPhone. I know my own typing performance shot through the roof when I got something tangible to guide my fingers instead of some sorry little touchscreen that may or may not consider my pressing a G actually an F or an H or even somehow a Y because I leaned just a bit too close to one side.

It’s strange how something so simple can be so phenomenally useful, but if you do any amount of typing on your iPhone at all, you’re definitely going to appreciate the 4iThumbs tactile keyboard.”