Reviews of 4iConcepts

The New York Times

Plastic Film Helps iPhone Typists Who Lose Their Keys

February 24, 2011
“One of the loudest complaints about the iPhone is the phone’s lack of a physical keypad.  For many, no physical keys is a deal-breaker… 4iThumbs2+, from 4iConcepts, places a thin plastic film above the keyboard; ridges on the screen define the area of each virtual key.  The overlay is held in place by its own iPhone bumper, similar to the one supplied by Apple.  It’s a good idea, and the skin actually did make my typing more accurate.”

The Tech Stop

Better Typing on the iPhone

“Every year we find great new accessories for our favorite smart phones.  This year brought several iPhone accessories that caught our eye, including one from 4iConcepts called 4iThumbs2.  The iPhone’s on-screen keyboard with the 4iThumbs2 overlay is still an on-screen keyboard—but it’s certainly more accurate with the 4iThumbs2 on it.  Worried that the 4iThumbs2’s tactile bumps will interfere with your gaming?  Fret not!  It is easily removed and reapplied as needed.”